Benefit of Having a Paternity Lawyer Represent You

Do you need to establish paternity for your child or want to contest your alleged paternity of a child? Do you want your child to have the benefits provided under laws that protect children but you are not sure of the true identity of the father? When you need to establish paternity for your child, you need the benefit of having a paternity lawyer represent you.

Learn details about why you need a paternity lawyer to help you with your paternity case. Discover benefits of having an attorney through every aspect of the process of establishing paternity for your child or children.

How a paternity lawyer assists in a paternity case

When you have to fight the father in a courtroom to establish paternity for your child or children, you do not want to enter the courtroom alone. Upon establishment of paternity, a child gains certain legal rights as well as other rights, including medical and life insurance benefits, social security benefits, veteran’s benefits, if applicable and the rights of inheritance.

Establishing paternity with the help of a paternity lawyer Phoenix AZ, also establishes paternity or rules out paternity in the case of a mother who does not know the true paternity of her child. Genetic testing helps to determine paternity or exclude paternity of a child when an alleged father denies being the father. In either event, a paternity lawyer helps guide the client through the necessary steps when attempting to establish paternity.

Establishing paternity under special circumstances

In some situations, exigent circumstances exist where establishing paternity is potentially more difficult than usual. For example, if the father is an inmate in jail or prison, this does not mean that it is not possible to establish paternity. In fact, the Arizona Department of Corrections works closely with the state Attorney General’s office as well as the Department of Economic Security to ensure collection of specimens when the AZ Department of Corrections receives a court order for the specimen collection. A paternity lawyer has the capability to request the court order.

A paternity attorney can also assist in other special situations such as locating an absent father. The lawyer also helps fathers who want to establish paternity if the mother denies paternity to a man who suspects that he is the true father.

Presumption of paternity

The Arizona Legislature Presumption of Paternity Statutes 25-814 describes specific laws regarding how the state establishes a presumption of paternity. However, many situations sometimes fall outside the presumption of paternity.

When you enter the courtroom with a paternity lawyer who knows laws regarding how to establish paternity, necessary motions to file and how to properly present a paternity case, you likely have a better outcome than if you attempt to pursue establishing paternity on your own. Make the right choice in the best interest of your child or children and hire the ideal paternity lawyer Phoenix AZ.

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