Important Things to Know About the Commercial Solicitors London Locals Can Hire

There are countless options in commercial solicitors London locals can choose from. Commercial law is currently among the largest commercial sectors for solicitors throughout the world. Commercial solicitors can provide their services within several different business areas. Several examples of these include regulatory advisers that have been hired by organisations within the public sector and corporate lawyers who have been retained by private businesses. Commercial solicitors are usually experts in issues concerning patents, anti-trust legislation, commerce, intellectual property and corporate law.

It is important to secure the services of a solicitor when starting or registering and new company. When it comes to registering a new business, a solicitor can prepare all of the articles of association forms as per the 2006 Companies Act and can handle all of the necessary procedures with the company house. When registering a new business, there may be additional paperwork that must be prepared including a shareholders’ contract or a generic terms and conditions agreement. This is paperwork that your solicitor can take care of for you according to the articles of your company. More importantly, however, the commercial solicitors London residents can hire will make sure that the constitutional paperwork for your company is legally binding and that the company itself is always well-protected.

The best commercial solicitors London locals can hire are capable of protecting your business in an ongoing fashion by registering intellectual property rights and preparing contracts for employment. If any incidents occur relating to your business, you can get expert guidance from your solicitor concerning strategies for avoiding litigation. Additionally, solicitors can help your business resolve or circumvent issues with regulators such as the Environmental Agency (EA) and Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Your provider can act as the intermediary and can speak directly to your company representative and the regulator in order to resolve issues and concerns. These efforts can prevent future conflicts and litigation.

Commercial law is a highly complex and controversial industry. Hiring one of the commercial solicitors London locals have access to who can quickly analyze and articulate the intricacies of commercial law can be very beneficial, especially for entrepreneurs who may be less familiar with legal jargon. Get in touch with StrainKeville right now to get accurate and effective legal guidance that is streamlined for meeting the needs of your growing business. The extensive experience of our firm covers a broad range of fields including finance and banking, debt management, commercial property and business structures. Every solicitor within our London office is able to provide specialised and helpful advice, no matter what the problem may be.

  • 14 Dec, 2015
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